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Differential Battery Management System DB48500

Home > Products > Battery BMS > Differential Battery Management System DB48500
Home > Products > Battery BMS > Differential Battery Management System DB48500
Differential Battery Management System DB48500
Differential Battery Management System DB48500
Differential Battery Management System DB48500
Differential Battery Management System DB48500

Differential Battery Management System DB48500

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Differential Battery Management System 

Model: DB48500

What is dBMS?

Differential battery management system(dBMS)decomposes the DC voltage of the rectifier power supply (The following is called power supply) into a multiplex DC voltage with a certain difference, in order to meet multiple sets of different battery packs sharing a set of power balance charging. When the battery is discharged, the dBMS can also carry out the combined discharge of multiple battery packs, so as to ensure that multiple battery packs can work at the same time or in groups without affecting each other.

Typical Application: As Figure 1

Figure 1: Schematic diagram of a base station network

Main Functions

● The floating charge and equalizing charge voltage of each battery port are set independently.

● The charge and discharge current of each battery port are set independently.

● Independently set the technical parameters of each battery port battery pack.

● The operating parameters of each battery are measured in real-time(SOC/SOH/DOD).

● Dynamically store running data of a certain number of equipment and battery.

● Supporting battery pack sharing in different periods, capacities and brands.

● Support the sharing of lead-acid batteries, lithium batteries and cascade batteries.

● Supporting the choice of lithium batteries for peak load shifting and lead-acid batteries for standby power.

● Support lithium battery cell overvoltage, under-voltage, over current, over heat cut-off protection.

● Support the operation of device operation parameters through Bluetooth connection APP.

● North to the RS485 communication port, the south to the RS485/CAN net connected to the cascade battery.

● FSU communicates with the monitoring center through two-way communication through the RS485 communication port.

● Natural heat dissipation at normal temperature reduces dust entry; intelligent fan starting heat dissipation during overheating.

● Support installation of the standard cabinet (rack) and installation on walls and climbing ladder.

Differential Battery Management System Panel

Product Parameters

Item Specification
Input Voltage (DC) -60V~-40V
Output Voltage (DC) -58V~-42V
Floating charge voltage setting range 48V~58V
Average charge voltage setting range  48V~58V
Charging Current (Each port) ≤ 200A
Discharging Current (Each Port) ≤ 200A
Voltage during Current Maintaining (Max) ≤ 350mV
Noise Voltage (peak to peak) ≤ 200mV
Battery port number 2~6
Single battery capacity ≤ 1000Ah
Efficiency ≥ 98%
Standby power consumption ≤ 10W
Altitude ≤ 4000m
Ambient temperature -15°C~ 55°C
Storage and transportation temperature -40°C~ 75°C
Dry contact ( optional) Midpoint Voltage, Battery Temperature
App (optional) Parameter setting and working state
Heat dissipation mode  Heat conduction at normal temperature, air cooling at excessive heat
Protection degree IP20
Dimension (mm) 482x363x88
Weight ≤ 10kg

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