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EV Car Portable Power Solution for Range Anxiety


UFO POWER, a manufacturer of lithium iron phosphate energy storage batteries, will launch the lithium batteries suitable for new energy vehicles, EV and solar energy storage system. UFO Corporation is one of the better known companies in the energy storage industry, having built and delivered over 427MWh battery storage systems to date and planning to deploy over 650MWh battery storage systems in the next three years.


The car backup battery LETGO can provide a range of 12-14kg for new energy vehicles. In times of crisis, emergency power supply is provided at any time and anywhere to ensure a certain degree of endurance requirements for electric vehicles. LETSGO is small in size, light in weight and easy to carry. Cars of 16~20 units can be stored in the trunk of ordinary cars as a spare portable power station.

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At present, the sales of new energy vehicles are growing rapidly this year, and the battery life problem is the focus, especially the urgent demand for emergency power for car travel ON ROAD, which is the withdrawal of the huge demand for LETGO in the future market. The official launch will take place in December. Stay tuned!


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